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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 Design: Photography – General G1DESP & G2DESP

In this context, design is predominantly studied using digital photographic systems with some brief experiences in film based, and dark room analogue processes.

Unit 1 (G1DESP)

The focus of this unit is to introduce design process and practice in Photography. You will learn that design can be used to provide solutions to design problems and communication needs. You will be introduced to basic design skills and a range of Camera and photoshop techniques and processes to demonstrate control over the elements and principles of design.

Unit Cost: $55.00

Unit 2 (G2DESP)

The focus of this unit is personal design. You will learn to visually communicate aspects of your personality, values and beliefs through your affiliations and manipulation of personal surroundings and environments. You will explore design elements and principles and the design process in a Photographic project communicating something of themselves. Students increase familiarity with Photographic production skills and processes, materials and technologies using DSLR cameras and Photoshop.

Unit Cost: $55.00

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