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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 General Economics – G1ECO & G2ECO

Unit 1 – Money Smart


The focus for this unit is personal economics and finance. To survive economically, people need to have basic economic and financial knowledge. This course will introduce students to budget planning and skills needed to select loans and invest money.

This unit may assist you in developing an understanding about using credit and credit cards, how to save and spend income wisely, how the financial system works and how banks affect our saving and investment decisions. You will also look at different types of investment and will have an opportunity to play the ASX stock market game.

Unit cost: $35.00 

Unit 2 – Small Business Economics

This unit explores the importance of businesses in the economy.  It looks closely at the way businesses advertise their products and manage risks as well as deal with any challenges including government regulation and policy.

You will be given the opportunity to develop a business plan and experience what it is like to operate a small business venture through the $20 Entrepreneur initiative.

Unit cost: $35.00


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