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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 Health, Physical and Outdoor Education – F2HPO

Students will learn about the factors influencing health, wellbeing and physical activity participation, and develop strategies to support them to make health enhancing decisions and adopt active and healthy pursuits, now and across the lifespan. Students will also participate in sport and fitness. Consumer health will be a focus.

This unit includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below.

  • health and social benefits of regular physical activity 
  • health-related components of fitness 
  • common fitness tests for health-related components of fitness 
  • considerations for designing fitness programs 
  • training zones and target heart rates for improved cardiovascular endurance
  • personal behaviours and actions which protect health and prevent health issues and problems 
  • Identify and analyse positive approaches to improved health and wellbeing
  • Health promotion activities


This unit is available in Semester 2 only.
Unit Cost: $ 20.00

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