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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Literature – General Units 3 & 4 (GTLIT)

Typically this 1CDcourse is ideal for you if you love to read and want to gently move from concrete to more abstract concepts.  
Prerequisite: minimum C grade in Year 11 General English/Literature.

Units 3 & 4
You will explore the possible nature, function and value of specific literary texts by studying texts in relation to their social, cultural and historical context.  You will learn about the ways in which values and attitudes differ from one writer to the next and from one reader to the next; and how those values and attitudes might affect readings of texts. Attention will be paid to the language of literary texts, the language techniques used, the generic conventions adhered to or adapted and the effects of representation. You will learn that it is possible to read a text in many ways including in terms of its representations of gender, of class, of cultures, of desire and of place. Students will practise making intertextual connections when creating readings of texts.  The course provides you with the opportunity to experiment with creating your own literary texts, for example, poems, plays and short stories; and literary texts that make use of multimodal techniques, for example, poetic photo narratives or short narrative and dramatic films.
Unit Pair Cost: $50.00


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