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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Automotive Engineering and Technology – General GTAET

Unit 3
In this unit, you will develop an understanding of automotive vehicles as complex inventions used to meet the needs of both the individual and society. You will realise a whole industry has evolved around automotive vehicles and the manner in which we service, repair, maintain, refinish, customise and make use of other emerging techniques. You will use rules and regulations associated with the manufacture and use of automotive vehicles to develop, through practical tasks, a finer understanding of how automotive systems operate. You will also learn about historical and current changes in automotive technology, use of materials and automotive design, and the impact on communities and society.

Unit 4
towIn this unit, you will further develop an understanding of internal combustion engines, including new and emerging types of engines. You will develop knowledge of the underlying mathematical and scientific principles involved in the operation, construction and major subsystems of the two and four stroke internal combustion engines, rotary engines and external combustion engines. Opportunities are provided to further extend your knowledge and skills, by investigating computer-assisted technologies that are used to service, repair and maintain automotive vehicle engines. You will focus on the socioeconomic impact of engine technology on society, careers, occupations and the environment. You will explore the rules and regulations governing their use and manufacture. You will also consider the relationship between engine operation and the types of fuels used, as well as the impact of alternative fuels in the future.

Unit Pair Cost: $100.00

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