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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Building and Construction – General GTBCN

Unit 3
This unit explores properties of common construction materials (timber, metals, concrete, grout, brickwork, block work, insulation, mortar and paint); their mechanical properties under load and flexural actions; and their use in construction. Concepts in space and computation are developed. You will practice reading drawn/drafted information as applied to building. Documentation for small projects is developed. The unit explores processes in contexts drawn from building, landscaping, earthwork, projects involving different energy use, and the recycling of building materials. You will complete a range of projects building on your knowledge gained from Units 1 & 2.

Unit 4
buildingThis unit builds upon the understandings of building materials, structures and structural components and the evaluation of combinations of various materials to sustain the strength of structural components. The methods and materials used in connecting building elements are explored. Further design considerations are studied. Drawing/drafting skills are refined and practised with application to more complex building issues. New criteria are incorporated in the specifications of design projects and skills are practised in these areas of content. Service networks, economics and recycling are studied. The unit explores processes in contexts drawn from building, landscaping, and earthwork projects, involving environmental issues of building waste disposal, water and sewerage treatment. You will use the knowledge gained from the previous units to build one major project construction project in the school. You will be working with a team to complete to project to the correct technical specification and to time constraints.

Unit Pair Cost: $90.00

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