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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Design: Photography – General GTDESP

In this context, design is predominantly studied using digital photographic systems with some brief experiences in film based, and dark room analogue processes.

Unit 3

The focus of this unit is product design. More than ever we communicate visually and in particular via Photographic images. In this course you will learn that the commercial world is comprised of companies, requiring consumer products, services and brands for a particular audience. You will be introduced to the concept of intellectual property. Using the design process you will create images, visuals and layouts with an awareness of codes and conventions, further developing your DSLR camera, Photoshop software and studio skills and knowledge to achieve this.

MP900387551Unit 4
The focus of this unit is cultural design. We communicate socially using technologies that favour visual and Photographic images. You will learn that society is made up of different groups of people who share diverse values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and needs, and that different forms of visual communication transmit these values and beliefs. You will be encouraged to create designs that link to a culture or sub-culture and will be introduced to ethical issues concerning representation. You will develop a design process with an understanding of codes and conventions, and consider communication strategies and audience. You will define and establish contemporary photographic skills and processes, materials and technologies.

Unit Pair Cost: $110.00

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