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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Health Studies – GTHEA

Prerequisites: Recommended that students have completed Health Studies General Units 1&2.

In these units students expand on their understanding of the impact of beliefs on health behaviour and continue to develop personal and interpersonal skills which support health.

You will be involved in a range of health promotion activities including the CJ Health Festival.

Unit 3 focuses on building student’s knowledge and understanding of health and their interaction and contribution to personal and community health through health promotion.
This unit includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below.

  • determinants of health – social, environmental , socioeconomic and biomedical
  • purpose and elements of the Ottawa Charter for health promotion
  • definition and importance of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation for behaviour change
  • factors influencing use of health products and services
  • influence of the media on social norms and health behaviour
  • skills required for working effectively with individuals and groups – negotiation and conflict resolution

1ABHEAUnit 4 focuses on community development. Students look at preventative strategies relating to Australian health issues.
This unit includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below.

  • definition and purpose of community development
  • relationship between participation and empowerment in community development
  • preventive strategies to maintain, avoid and manage risk for personal and community health
  • ethical issues arising from contemporary health practices, eg: organ donation
  • examples of social marketing campaigns
  • planning a health inquiry
  • development of focus questions to research a health issue
  • presentation of findings in appropriate format to suit audience

Unit Pair Cost: $ 40.00

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