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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 General English – GTENG

Typically this course is suited to you if you are aiming to enter further training or the workforce.

Prerequisite: a Year 11 General English C grade or higher.

 Unit 3

g3-250x176This unit focuses on exploring different perspectives presented in a range of texts and contexts.

You will examine the ways that perspectives are presented in literary, every day and workplace texts as well as understand how language choices influence specific audiences. While creating oral, written and multimodal texts that convey a perspective you will explore attitudes, text structures and language features to understand a text’s meaning and purpose. 

Unit 4

g2engThis unit focuses on community, local or global issues and ideas presented in texts and on developing your reasoned responses to them. 

You will investigate and understand the way language is used to present issues and attitudes as well as influence and engage different audiences from a range of sources. You will create oral, written and multimodal texts that communicate ideas and perspectives on issues using coherent, logical and sustained arguments and demonstrating an understanding of purpose, audience and context.

This unit pair is also offered as a flexible iLearn course.

Unit Pair Cost: $50.00
iLearn Unit Pair Cost: $100.00



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