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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 ATAR Modern History – ATHIM

Unit 3 – Modern nations in the 20th century
This unit focuses on China 1935–1989 (the Long March to the Tiananmen Massacre). It examines the characteristics of modern China in the 20th century. You will investigate crises that challenged the stability of China, the path of development that was taken and the social, economic and political order that was established.

In examining the ways in which China has dealt with internal divisions and external threats, you will emerge with a deeper understanding of the character of modern China.

Unit 4 – The modern world since 1945

HIM4The focus for this unit is the changing European world since 1945.  You will explore the power of ideas and ideologies as forces for change and/or their use to reinforce dominant elements in society. This unit examines some significant features of the modern world within the period 1945–2001 that will help to build your understanding of the contemporary world; that is, why we are here at this point in time.

Attention is given to changes to the nature of the world order: shifting international tensions, alliances and the emergence of power blocs. The nature of various conflicts and regional and international attempts to create peace and security will also be studied. 

Unit pair cost: $70.00
iLearn Unit pair cost: $100.00

This course is also available in iLearn (online) mode. 
Only minimal computer hardware and internet access is needed to access the course online.


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