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Jay and students

 In late 2014 Cyril Jackson Senior Campus purchased a new Flashforge 3D Printer through funding from the School Pathways Program and specifically the Defence Department. 

The printer has enabled our Design and Technology  teacher, Jay Cardy, and his students, to turn drawings into 3D objects. The Certificate 2 Engineering class initially used the printer to create models, each student would draw up what they required and the printer would produce the product in model form.  The students then moved on to produce objects on the printer, so they could check their design before they created a mold to cast them in aluminium. This meant that students were now able to see the whole process of a project that starts on a screen, is then prototyped and modified before being cast to produce a working part.

The 1A/B and General Technical Graphics Course have been using the printer to create a range of model objects including landmarks from around the world.

The printer has been a hugely beneficial tool for CJ that has enabled students to come up with ideas, create drawings and then produce a finished product.

CJ would like to thank the School Pathways Program in supporting us with this grant and enabling us to get this printer.

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