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Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Board

Message from the Chair

The Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Board will strive to assure that the school achieves the best outcomes for its students and is seen as, not only part of the local community, but also part of the broader West Australian community.

The Board will ensure that it is a school of opportunity for all students and prospective students, particularly for those who require a second- chance or who come with disadvantages. It will also aim to foster new approaches to education so that graduating students can have business and employment opportunities for their own advancement and to contribute to their communities.
My hope is that the Board will continue to work together harmoniously with a shared view as did the Campus Council in previous years. Every member of this Board has been selected because they have something to offer, so I would like to see all members contributing at each meeting.

Finally, I would like to welcome all the Board members. I will try to be a fair Chairperson with a view to implementing agenda items and ensuring that the Board plays an integral part within the Campus and broader communities. Thank you all for being involved and providing valuable input towards achieving the school’s goals for 2015.

Valda Rose
Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Chair, 2015


Amanda ReidBoard Chair/Community Representative 
 Deputy Chair/Community Representative 
William BarryTreasurer/Community Representative 
Karen WoodsPrinicipal 
Tamika ByrneSecretary/School Business ManagerArts House
Recreation Centre
Alison KeeneSecretary/School Business Manager 
Lucy BromellCommunity MemberArts House
Donna ChapmanCommunity Member 
 Parent Representative 
 Community Member (multicultural) 
Ian AbercrombySchool RepresentativeRecreation Centre
Henrietta HoffmanSchool Representative 
Vanessa HopesStudent Representative 
Mohammad Hadi RahimiStudent Representative 
Belinda StewartSchool Representative 


53 Reid St Bassendean 6054 WA
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53 Reid St Bassendean 6054 WA

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