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11 P.L.U.S & Transition

    The 11 Transition Program at Cyril Jackson offers a supported Year 11 program for students. Students attend three core courses in one classroom with the same teacher and choose 2 other courses from the mainstream.

    The Transition teacher will develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each student, and will also monitor the student’s progress in the chosen mainstream courses.

    This program is suitable for students who –
    have had gaps in their education
    need a partially supported setting
    wish to develop their English, Maths and career skills and
    who are interested in other courses in the mainstream from gridlines 1, 5, 6, 7 or 8

    Transition Courses:
    G1 + G2 English
    G1 + G2 Maths Foundation
    G1 + G2 Maths Essentials
    GI + G2 Career and Enterprise
    Choice of 2 Mainstream Courses

    11 P.L.U.S

    Positive. Learning. Unlocking. Success

    The 11 P.L.U.S Program at Cyril Jackson offers a full Year 11 re-engagement program within a supportive and connected environment. Experienced teachers and a familiar class setting ensure the best possible outcomes for all 11 P.L.U.S students.

    The 11 P.L.U.S Program is ideal if you:

    • Want to complete Year 11 in a supportive setting
    • Have had negative or disrupted educational experiences
    • Need additional support to complete your studies
    • Enjoy learning to be a part of a team


     11. P.L.U.S Courses

    English – General Units 1 and 2
    Mathematics Essentials – General Units 1 and 2 Career and Enterprise – General Units 1 and 2 Certificate I – Business
    First Aid Basics
    SCSA Endorsed Courses:

    • Community Service
    • Administration and Management
    • Recreational Pursuits

    Where to from here?

    • Year 12 courses to complete your WACE
    • Apply for TAFE entry
    • Employment
    • Remain in 11 P.L.U.S until you reach your Year 11 goals



    Phone Kylie Cranenburgh, Program Coordinator on 9413 4795 for further information.

    The 11 P.L.U.S Program operates Monday-Friday 8:45am-2:20pm