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Mature-age students

Our campus encourages people of all ages who wish to return to study to enhance their opportunities for the future. These opportunities could be at university, in training or employment.Stacey G

Students who wish to be considered for mature – age entry to university must be 20 years of age before 1st March of the year they commence university study. Mature age applicants are normally required to have:

  • met competency in English
  • obtained a sufficiently high ATAR for entry to a particular university and/or course
  • satisfied any prerequisites or special requirements necessary to be considered for entry to a particular course

For further information on the requirements for university admission, please contact specific universities or contact:
TISC (Tertiary Institutions Service Centre)
100 Royal Street
East Perth WA 6004
Ph: 9318 8000
website: www.tisc.edu.au

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