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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Physical Education Studies – GTPES

Prerequisites: Recommended that students have completed Physical Education Studies General Units 1&2.

PAPEThe focus of this course is to assess your own and others’ movement skills and identify how to improve your skills, knowledge of training principles and goal setting concepts to enhance physical activity.  Activities may include badminton, volleyball, soccer, AFL and hockey.

The integration of theory and practice is central to studies in this course.  

Unit 3

This unit includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below.

  • role and responsibilities of a coach
  • definition of leadership and the qualities of a good leader
  • difference between short and long term goals
  • characteristics of skeletal muscle tissue
  • extended care and rehabilitation of the injured athlete
  • contribution of energy systems during a specific physical activity
  • simple tests to measure the capacities of the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems

 Unit 4

This unit includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below.

  • develop and apply simple team or individual strategic plans and tactics
  • coaching strategies to consolidate and extend skill development
  • steps to analyse a specific skill to improve performance
  • training methods appropriate to selected activities
  • types of joints and their associated movements
  • relationship between slow and fast twitch muscle fibre types and physical activity
  • relationship between food intake and energy expenditure
  • purpose and features of fitness profiles

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