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11 P.L.U.S

11 P.L.U.S

‘ Positive Learning Unlocking Success ’

The 11 P.L.U.S Program at Cyril Jackson offers a full Year 11 re-engagement program within a supportive and connected environment. Experienced teachers and a familiar class setting ensure the best possible outcomes for all 11 P.L.U.S students.

The 11 P.L.U.S Program is ideal if you:

– want to complete Year 11
in a supportive setting
– have had negative or
disrupted educational
– need additional support to
complete your studies
– enjoy learning to be a part
of a team

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Intensive English Centre

The Intensive English Centre is a Department of Education endorsed program which teaches academic English as an Additional Language/Dialect for entry into Year 11 and Year 12.

The program’s educational pathways lead to university and TAFE.

All classes are taught by highly qualified, award-winning, experienced teachers. The IEC is recognised as a centre of excellence within the academic learning community.

The program includes English (EAL/D), science, mathematics, Australian studies and information technology.

Students are supported by a range of services, including a team of bilingual education assistants, a nurse, a psychologist and links to other agencies.

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Intensive English Centre enquiries:  Contact the IEC Deputy Principal, Belinda Stewart, on 9413 4760 or email Belinda.Stewart@education.wa.edu.au.    The IEC enrols students on a daily basis within school dates.

Please note:  Prospective International Fee Paying (IFP) students should visit the website of Education and Training International at eti.wa.edu.au or telephone (08) 9218 2100.




Workplace Learning

This is an endorsed program developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.  Workplace Learning allows students to develop transferable skills through work experience in the workplace. These skills may be developed through paid or unpaid work experience.

Why should you enrol in Workplace Learning?

  • To improve your skills for employment
  • To help you make better career choices
  • To gain confidence working with other people
  • To improve your opportunities for part-time work
  • To gain extra points for TAFE entry
  • To gain credit for part-time work

What is required?  To complete this program, a student must:

  • Attend an interview
  • Complete an induction program
  • Work at least 55 hours in a real workplace
  • Complete a logbook (see below)
  • Complete a skills journal (see below).

During the work placement the student is required to complete a logbook which comprises of an attendance record and task schedule and an an evaluation of the student’s workplace performance.
This logbook is validated by the workplace supervisor.

Skills Journal
During and/or after the work placement the student is required to respond to 10 questions for every 55 hours completed (Questions are based on the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework).

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Ideally, you should have two days free on your timetable to enable you to do your work placement. If you have a full timetable you will need to complete your work placement after school or in the holidays.
*** Please be aware: based on the average of a 6 hour day you would need to work two sets of school holidays without any sick days to comply.


PLEASE NOTE- this is a course, we do not find you employment. We help you to gain the skills and experience you will need to find employment when you leave school. If you have a part-time job already, you may be able to use these hours towards the program. Please check with the Workplace Learning Coordinator.

Contact Suzie Brown WPL Coordinator 0418 943 489

















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