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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 ATAR Psychology – ATPSY

Typically this course is highly recommended if you are aiming to enrol in university.
Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of Year 11 ATAR Psychology and/or high level critical writing skills.


psychology-100x100Unit 3

This unit introduces new concepts about human behaviour and specifically focuses on the functions of the lobes of the cerebral cortex and examines how messages are transmitted from the brain to the body. It explores how behaviour is influenced by learning and other factors, and the impact of others on individual behaviour. You will examine socialisation processes observed within families and how social background and gender can shape communication styles. You will also expand on your knowledge of ethics in psychological research as you engage in detailed investigations.

a4psy-250x160Unit 4

This unit focuses on developmental and contemporary personality theories, and behaviours observed when individuals are examined in the social context. You will analyse the causes of conformity and obedience and gain an understanding of the factors that shape a sense of community. You will manipulate dependent and independent variables to test hypotheses and use statistical significance to draw conclusions.

Unit Pair Cost: $40.00


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