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Schools discover Myanmar

The inaugural Asia Education Foundation study tour took place earlier this year and two schools were lucky enough to be included on the education tour to Myanmar (Burma).

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus principal Karen Woods and John Curtin College of the Arts deputy principal Georgina Wigley joined teachers and administrators from across Australia on the trip. 

myanmarThe tour provides opportunities for participants to investigate and learn about Myanmar’s monastic education system and helps them implement the Australian Curriculum’s cross curriculum priority of Asia and Australia’s engagement with that region.

“We came away with an increased understanding of the geo-strategic importance of Myanmar, as it borders some of the most populated and rapidly developing countries in the world,” said Karen.

“We could see real opportunities for building case studies around Myuanmar in the economics and history syllabuses.  We had the opportunity to meet Australian ambassador Bronte Moules, newspaper journalists, politicians, business people and academics who gave us insights into this fascinating  country.

“The Myanmar monks see education as the key to building human capital to grow their nation after decades of minimal provision.  Education is seen very much as their future.”

Karen and Georgina recommended the Asia Education Foundation study tours as a fantastic way to have a high quality and diverse experience.  They said it was a great opportunity to work with educators from across Australia in a very different environment, as well as a great way to increase Asia literacy.


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