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Individual helpThrough our excellent Student Services team, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus offers prospective students educational counselling so individual study needs can be met five days per week.  Our team includes a Career Counsellor, two Student Services Coordinators, a full time Psychologist and a Campus Nurse.

The Library provides an adult, academic environment for learning.  You can borrow a book, seek help for assignments, read, meet with a tutor, research information, use the computers or simply relax. Open most days from 8.15 to 4.15, the Library is also open during the school holidays.

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Why am I enrolling?

Enrolments for 2017

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To complete my WACE


The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is awarded to secondary school students who satisfy its requirements. Generally, students will complete two years of senior secondary study, after which they are awarded the WACE.

Requirements for 2012 and beyond

The WACE requirements for 2012 and beyond are different from the 2011 requirements.


Breadth and depth requirement

    • Complete a minimum of 20 course units or the equivalent.
    • The 20 course units must include at least:

      – Four course units from English, Literature and/or English as an Additional Language/Dialect, studied during Year 11 and Year 12 ( at least two of these units completed in Year 12).
      – One pair of course units from each of List A (arts/languages/social sciences) and List B (mathematics/science/technology) completed in Year 12.


Achievement standard requirement

    • Achieve a C grade average or better across the best 16 course units of which at least 8 must be completed in Year 12.
    • Endorsed programs and/or VET credit transfer (stand alone) can reduce the required number of course units by up to 6 units.


English language competence requirement

  • Achieve a C grade or better in any Stage 1 or higher course unit from English, Literature and/or English as an Additional Language/Dialect( except 1A and 1B for English as an Additional Language/Dialect).
  • For students who have not achieved a C grade in one of their English, Literature and/or English as an Additional Language/Dialect course units, schools will need to compare a selection of the student’s work with the work samples to verify the student has demonstrated the required standard.



All students studying a course at stage 2 or stage 3 in the final year of senior secondary schooling (Year 12) are required to sit an examination in the appropriate stage of that course.

To prepare for TAFE


This information is current as of April 2011.

State Training Providers (TAFE) offer courses for vocational education and training, apprenticeships and traineeships, support for workplace learning and courses for business and industry.

To gain entry into a State Training Provider (TAFE), applicants need to meet the entrance requirements for the chosen course.  Where a course is deemed to be competitive, applicants are required to meet both the entrance requirements and selection criteria.  Selection criteria will focus on secondary education achievement, skill development, previous qualifications and workplace learning (paid or unpaid).

Courses that require selection criteria to be met will clearly indicate this below the entrance requirement information.

Students who are interested in applying for State Training Provider (TAFE) courses are strongly advised to access the latest information from www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au.

Students will find detailed information on the website, but if more information or clarification is needed, then contact:

The Career Centre
166 Murray Street
Perth City
(Second floor, above Woolworths)

Phone: 13 23 98 or 1800 999 167

Email:     career.centre@dtwd.wa.gov.au

Web:       http://www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au/careercentre

To prepare for university



To be considered for university admission as a school leaver, an applicant must –
• meet the requirements for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) as prescribed by the Curriculum Council,
• achieve competence in English as prescribed by the individual universities,
• obtain a sufficiently high Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for entry to a particular university and/or course (Edith Cowan University may not require an ATAR for some pathways); and
• satisfy any prerequisites or special requirements for entry to particular courses.

Portfolio Pathway to Edith Cowan University (ECU)
In addition to the requirements outlined above, Edith Cowan University offers an additional pathway for entry by school leaver students.
Detailed information about the requirements for the Portfolio Entry Pathway to ECU may be obtained from Student Recruitment on 13 43 28 or www.reachyourpotential.com.au.

Portfolio Entry to Murdoch University
In addition to the requirements outlined above, Murdoch University offers a portfolio pathway for admission to Bachelor degrees in Media, Mass Communication and in Digital Media. For more information see http://www.murdoch.edu.au/.

University Application Procedures
Information about applying to the universities and admission to undergraduate courses will be sent to Year 12 students at their schools in August. Application will be via the TISC website.

The closing date for applications is normally the end of September. Late applications will incur a late fee.  Offers of admission are made by the universities in the second half of January and in early February.

Any further information about application procedures may be obtained from TISC.

Enquiries about mid-year entry, external studies and particular course requirements should be directed to the university concerned.
Applications need to be made through TISC when the applicant is:
• an Australian citizen,
• a New Zealand citizen, or
• approved/granted Australian permanent resident status.

International students do not fit these categories and will need to apply directly to the International Office at the relevant university.  Full details regarding individual university entrance requirements and processes are available from the TISC website: www.tisc.edu.au.  The University Admission 2013 booklet is available on the website, but please note that it is subject to change.

Repeat and Accumulate

Repeating Year 12 WACE courses can be an excellent means of ensuring a higher ATAR and possible entry to the course and university of choice. For ALL universities, marks contributing to the ATAR may be accumulated over five (5) years. 

Mature-Age Admission
In order to be considered for admission to a university a Mature Age Entrant must be 20 years of age before the 1st of March of the year that they start university.  There are some variations between universities as to Mature Age Entry requirements so specific details should be sought from the appropriate institution.  Mature Age applicants are normally required to have:
• met competency in English;
• obtained a sufficiently high TER for entry to a particular university and/or course;
• satisfied any prerequisites or special requirements necessary to be considered for entry to particular courses.

Special Tertiary Admission Test (STAT)
This is a special testing program offered by TISC to mature age candidates to assist their application for university or TRAINING admissions.  There are 2 sections to the test:
• Multiple Choice 2 hour test consisting of 70 questions.  Questions assess verbal (social science/humanities) and quantitative skills (mathematical/science)
• Written English 1 hour test to measure English Competency – 2 short essays each from a choice of 4 topics.  Part A is a public affairs issue that invites argument, while Part B asks for a more personal point of view.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
This is a globally recognized test that has been designed by world leaders in language assessment in close consultation with academics, professional bodies and immigration authorities, for people whose second language is English. For more information go to www.ielts.org.

For further information on the requirements for university admission please contact specific universities or;

Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC)
100 Royal Street
East Perth  WA  6004
Phone:  9318 8000
Fax:  9225 7050  Website: www.tisc.edu.au


To fill in some gaps in my knowledge

Perhaps you didn’t complete Year 10 and don’t feel confident studying at Year 11 level just yet. The best option for you could be the 11 P.L.U.S.

Perhaps you need some background knowledge before studying Year 12. If this is your situation, talk to a course adviser about the large range of Year 11 courses which can prepare you for Year 12. We also offer a number of these preparatory courses in iLearn Flexible Learning mode.

Perhaps you need extra help with your English or Mathematics. Choose campus-based English and also access our TUTORING program which is free-of-charge.  We also offer Fundamentals & Bridging Mathematics which will help ‘fill in some gaps’ for you.

If English is an additional language for you, choose the excellent one-on-one service provided by the SELF ACCESS program.

Ask your course adviser about any or all of these programs.

To prepare for employment

So you want to study something, which will give you a better chance of getting a job?

Apart from completing Year 11 and/or 12, the following options are also open to you.

– Complete one of our Nationally Accredited Certificate courses in Hospitality, Business, Community Service, Music, Information Technology, Engineering.

– Choose Workplace Learning as one of your courses.

– Enrol in the 11 P.L.U.S program.

To enjoy learning

You are the luckiest of all students!

Talk to your Course Adviser about what your interests are, and they will let you know what ‘treasures’ we can help you discover, either on-campus or through our iLearn Flexible Learning program.

To learn English

There are several ways to learn or improve your English.

1. Intensive English Centre

The Intensive English Centre teaches academic English as an Additional Language/Dialect for entry into Year 11 and Year 12.

The program’s educational pathways lead to university and TAFE.

All classes are taught by highly qualified, award winning, experienced teachers. The IEC is recognised as a centre of excellence within the academic learning community.

The program includes English (EAL/D), science, mathematics, Australian studies and information technology.

Students are supported by a range of services, including a team of bilingual education assistants, a nurse, a psychologist and links to other agencies.

Click here to read more

Intensive English Centre enquiries: contact the IEC Deputy Principal Belinda Stewart on 9379 5156.



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