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Nina: ‘In Year 12 I studied Physics, EALD English and Mathematics. Being awarded the top ATAR student  last year is one of the best achievements for me. Also, the offer made by SCSA to include my responses from the EALD English exam for the next “Good Answer Guide” publication has boosted my confidence for the next stage of my education journey.

CJ is such a great school for students seeking high results and developing a social connection in a safe and positively effective environment.’

Nina’s English teacher said of Nina: ‘Nina has been a pleasure to teach! She sets high standards for herself and has worked hard in and out of class throughout the year to achieve them.

She has an admirable ability to connect ideas from different sources to effectively to build an argument and has applied this ability in her speaking and writing. She writes with incredible speed and intelligence in English, which is her third language.

She has a been a valuable member of the class and often raised the level of class discussions with her insightful ideas, passionate advocacy for what she believes and her sense of humour.’



Caris MCaris chose subjects out of interest and to prepare her for Construction Management at Curtin University: ATAR Art, Maths Applications, English, Psychology, General Building and Construction and Cert II Tech Drawings.

 Caris said of her time at CJ, ‘There is mutual respect between teachers and students, the classroom environment is inviting and personal and the school is very multicultural which is refreshing to interact with people from all around the world with different beliefs. I also had the opportunity in Art to make works on controversial issues and explore in depth issues in society which other schools wouldn’t allow.

I connected with the teachers which made me excel in my subjects compared to my previous school. Teachers were always willing to stay behind to tutor and help students progress to the best of their ability.

I’m extremely proud of my artworks I created at CJ and of the work I did in my tech drawings Certificate II – the opportunity and equipment such as laser cutters and 3D printer were so amazing! I am also proud of my overall improvement in all my subjects, in some classes my mark increased by 40% compared to my last school.

I’m confident in getting a 70 ATAR so I am able to pursue Construction Management at Curtin University.’


Callum MCallum: Having a father in the Defence Forces meant my family moved around quite a lot therefore my education was rather sketchy and I dropped out of the education system by the time I was fifteen.  I tried a number of jobs but I was never satisfied one way or another. 

I was looking for the ideal job, however, with my educational background it was going to be difficult.  One of my friends mentioned Cyril Jackson Senior Campus had excellent opportunities for potential music students and a flexible timetable suitable for students who need to maintain part time work while studying.  I love music and playing my guitar, so the thinking from my friend was that the Cert II in Music was an ideal fit for me.

I was hesitant at first but after speaking with the music teacher, I became really interested in the course.  Her passion for music really invigorated me to study at Cyril Jackson and her infectious enthusiasm for the campus rubbed off on me so I chose to study English and Art as well as Certificate II in Music.  The opportunity to attend campus three days a week, study the equivalent of four courses and continue with part-time work was something I didn’t imagine possible.  Being able to study English as an iLearn student has been a bonus.  It has enabled me to work independently to build my skills and gain confidence in a subject which has not previously been a strength of mine.

The last nine months have been terrific; CJ is such a positive place to study for a mature aged student as myself.  I have had my artwork exhibited at the school’s art show, I have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence due to my school band’s performance at the Contemporary Ensemble Festival and I am achieving grades of which I am proud. The teachers treat you as an individual, setting you up with projects to challenge your abilities.   My classmates are also friendly and supportive and I have formed friendships that will continue even when CJ studies are completed. 

I would recommend CJ to anyone due to its relaxed, friendly, positive and non-threatening atmosphere with teachers treating students as individuals rather than a generic student.   I am returning next year to complete Certificate III in Music and perhaps study Graphic Design as well.  

 Linda MLinda recently was working as a relief teacher in Science, but first came to CJ as a student. At CJ she studied EALD English, Maths, Chemistry, Human Biology and Integrated Science. 

Linda explained what she enjoyed about CJ: ‘Excellent friendly teachers who have great knowledge and wonderful experience in teaching students like me; students who speak English as an additional language.’

She had many achievements during her time at CJ, including giving the ‘Student Address’ at the Intensive English Presentation and receiving a Maths Subject Award for ATAR Maths.

After CJ, Linda studied for a Bachelor of Education at Curtin University and is now a qualified Science teacher.

 Vanessa Hopes Feathers MVanessa Hopes: I started studying at CJ in 2014. During my time here I have studied a wide variety of subjects, such as; Cert II/III in Music, Cert II in Visual Art (Digital Focus), Graphic Design, Cert II Live Production, ATAR History, Maths and English.

The special thing about CJ is how we all rely on and help each other. CJ has a diverse range of people that come from all different types of backgrounds, religions and many walks of life. It’s more of a community rather than a school and the teachers are amazing at CJ – they’re so supportive and go above and beyond each and every time.

I was a musician before I came to CJ but had taken a long break due to various things. CJ has brought out the creativity within me. I have spent the last 3 years writing, producing and recording my debut album all of which happened while studying at CJ.

 I have also learnt to do things I never thought I could. I am not just a musician, but I am now a competent graphic designer. Since coming to CJ that’s a skill I have picked up, but never knew I even possessed. This is all thanks to the wonderful staff who have encouraged me and remained patient with me and nurtured my talents.

There are also many other positive aspects to CJ.  Having no uniform is fantastic and different from other schools. Also being a mature age student, it was difficult to come back to study, especially with someone of a background such as myself. I was homeless and abused drugs for a large period of time, so it was a little difficult adjusting into a school setting, but having understanding teachers and a flexible timetable helped.  I also appreciate the fact the campus is more understanding of individual’s situations  as at times I missed classes because my child was ill.

Follow the links below to listen to Vanessa’s music, see where she’s performing and read a recent interview:



Elizabeth MElizabeth came to CJ after attending a local high school and completed Years 11 and 12. She studied General Human Biology, Maths, Health and Workplace learning. She found all her teachers helpful and appreciated the multicultural and friendly environment.

After CJ, Elizabeth completed one year of Finance at a training centre and then transferred to Finance at Curtin University. Whilst at Curtin, Elizabeth changed to nursing as there were more job opportunities in this area. She also spent time raising her family and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing this year. Well done Elizabeth!


Award Ceremony MAndrew: I first attended CJ for the ACCESS program in 2011 because I hadn’t had a very good 3 years in a mainstream high school. I admit my expectations were low and I was completely expecting it all to end in failure within a few months. Well I was wrong; I went from having no enthusiasm to having a whole bunch of it within a few months. I attended another 4 years at CJ picking up skills in the areas of Graphic Design, Drama, Live Production and Events and finally pursuing Physics and Chemistry to get into university. All my teachers were supportive and helped me greatly to get to university; honestly I have nothing bad to say about any of the teachers I had the pleasure of being taught by, but I have plenty of good things to say about each and every one of them. 

It wasn’t just the teachers that made CJ a truly wonderful and memorable place, the students there were also great. There was no bullying and the students there were there because they wanted to be, they enjoyed it. With the adult ethos employed by CJ it’s as if everyone is on equal grounds with everyone else; we all have our say and we are all heard.

At CJ I had a goal, I had something to work for and I found a reason to do so. No matter how many ways I look at it, Cyril Jackson changed my life for the better. I am now at Murdoch University studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry. In addition, because of my academic successes at CJ I won the AJ Parker Scholarship at Murdoch. So without a doubt I would always recommend CJ, you won’t find a better environment and I highly doubt you will find better teachers.


Bing M

Vinh started his studies in the Intensive English Centre (IEC) for beginners and then went to Transition. He finished the IEC Course and completed one semester of the Year 11 course before being accepted to Central TAFE.
Vinh appreciated the friendly teachers in the IEC and mainstream because they all helped him to improve his knowledge. He also found CJ being near the Ashfield train-line very convenient.

At Central TAFE Vinh is studying Cert III Education Support because his goal is to eventually become a teacher. Vinh chose this course as the first step in achieving that goal. He’d like to teach English overseas, perhaps in his home country, Vietnam.

He likes the course because of the opportunity to work with children and pass on knowledge to them. We wish Vinh all the best for his future aspirations!


Eimile MCongratulations to Eimile Humphreys who achieved the highest ATAR at CJ in 2015 of 98.15! Eimile also received a Certificate of Commendation from the Department of Education as she achieved 20 A grades over Years 11 and 12.

Eimile’s thought on CJ:
I went to CJ for Years 11 and 12 in 2014 and 2015. I studied English and Mathematics on-campus, and Human Biology and Modern History in iLearning mode. I felt honoured to receive the Highest Achiever Award in Year 11 and ATAR Dux in Year 12 in recognition of the hard work I had put in over the two years.

I am also proud of the confidence that I have gained in sharing my views with others in both class discussion and the social aspects of CJ. Through my history studies I even got the opportunity to participate in the West Australian Youth Parliament, which was an incredibly rewarding experience!

There are so many great things about CJ, I may find it hard to narrow it down to fit!

I appreciated the adult ethos of the campus which allowed me to take responsibility for my own education, and enhance my self-motivation, discipline, and work ethic. This has been a very effective atmosphere for learning! The teachers and staff at CJ are extremely helpful, understanding, and supportive of the students and their educations.

As the CJ student body contains individuals from a vast array of backgrounds and experiences, you get to meet so many different and extraordinary people and make great friends! I came to CJ feeling apprehensive due to never having gone to school before, being a home-schooler up until that time. However, due to the supportive and inclusive atmosphere of CJ, I had no trouble making the transition.

The flexibility of study is also a great attribute. During my time at CJ, I was studying vocational ballet, which meant some of my classes clashed with my ballet studies. However, I was able to take these subjects off-campus and attend classes where I could, and where I could not, complete my work at other times.

Harmony Day and the Health Festival were also highlights of my time at CJ!

In the future I plan to study medicine or a related discipline and pursue a career in the health sector, especially rural health. My ultimate goal would be general practice in a rural area. Next year however, I hope to attend the University of Western Australia to complete a Bachelor of Science majoring in physiology, though I also plan to study some history units and hopefully participate in their Pantomime and Dance Societies!


Nerida 1MNerida studied Certificate II in Community Services, Workplace Learning, English, Art and Maths. She achieved a number of awards during her time at CJ, including English and Art course awards.

Through her successes her self-confidence improved, opening doors to new experiences and further study. Nerida said, “I would never have passed the entrance test for the Diploma in Counselling and Community Services through Careers Australia, if I didn’t go to CJ first. The Community Services teacher spent hours helping me with computer skills. All the teachers are very supportive and go out of their way to help -beyond what a normal teacher would do. They give you skills to go and do something more. I have become more proficient with computers and I developed skills to work in groups.”

In the future Nerida hopes to work in the community services sector.


Jera MJera: Cyril Jackson has immensely changed my life. I came here in Australia in 2011 and studied at CJ for two and a half years. During my stay at CJ I met wonderful people who are from different parts of the world. There’s a wide cultural diversity on the campus. Actually, studying at CJ helped me to grow, think and become mature because I was treated like an actual adult and it made me act like one.  

The teachers and student counsellors always helped me pick the subjects that were essential for the course that I wanted to take at university. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Reynolds and Ms. Henrie. I struggled a lot in Physics when I was taking it in the Philippines but in Mr. Reynold’s Integrated Science class he made it easy to understand the subject. I will never forget the moment Science teacher, Ms. Henrie encouraged me and said, “You’re going to uni to study Architecture.” I didn’t think I could do it and at graduation, I wasn’t expecting to receive awards, but I took home four outstanding achievement awards.

Now I am getting ready for the next chapter of my life, achieving my dream. Since leaving CJ I have been studying Architecture, but recently, myself and one other person form WA have been accepted to study overseas in Denmark. I will study Semester Four of the Architectural Technology and Construction Management course at VIA University College. Thank you very much Ms. Henrie for pushing me and for believing in my abilities.

Clayton MClayton: I studied the Certificate ll Live Production and Services course at CJ in 2014. It was a good course as I was really engaged and enjoyed it.

At CJ I worked on the stage lighting for the production of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ that the drama students performed; we designed and set the lighting. It was great to work with my peers as a team.  The best thing about studying at CJ is that I felt comfortable there as you are treated as an adult and allowed to have a say in what you are doing. It’s a great environment!

After one year at CJ I applied and was accepted into WAAPA’s Diploma of Live Production- Lighting at the end of 2014. I also achieved my certificate in Advanced Lighting Rigging and my Rope Access ticket, both needed to be able to work on large scale productions such as The Lion King at Crown which I am currently working on.

I have been invited back to CJSC to give workshops to the Cert ll Live Production course throughout 2015 on my experience and skills in the industry.

I plan to continue working in the Entertainment Industry and by the end of 2016 I would like to move to America and travel as a production crew member with Cirque du Soleil.


Amelia MAmelia: I had previously been to two other high schools, both private, but had several health issues making it difficult to attend a regular school, so a friend suggested I come to CJ!!)

I’m proud of my achievements as I was able to complete my secondary schooling at the same place as my peers despite being unwell at the beginning of year 11. It was great to be able to do the exact courses I wanted.

I’m currently studying economics and politics at UWA. This choice was definitely influenced by my experience doing economics units here at CJ. (Especially by my teacher Teresa!)

The arts units at CJ helped me rekindle my love for creating art, and I am continuing with that also.

The things I liked best about CJ were:
• The diversity of people, it is easy to make friendships – there being people from innumerable backgrounds. I learnt about so many cultures and gained great insight on people’s differing circumstances. I also learnt that, regardless of background, people identify common grounds and friendships.
• Relaxed environment.
• Relationships of equality, between students and teachers.

In the future, I hope to continue my studies in economics/politics; travel; and continue practising art.

If, for whatever reason, you are struggling to achieve certain grades or bear a certain lead academically, CJ facilitates these and helps you get from point A to point B.

 Ali MAli  began studying at Cyril Jackson in the Intensive English Centre. He is now studying physics, chemistry and maths specialist courses as well as English as an Additional Language/Dialect. His future goals are to complete Year 12 and then continue his studies at university with the intention of becoming a dental surgeon.

Ali likes the friendly atmosphere at CJ, “CJ has fantastic teachers and caring staff,” he says. “I also like the wide range of subjects offered at CJ, and the multicultural environment. There are students from all over the world sharing the same dream at CJ and living in freedom here in Australia.”

Matt MMatthew: After leaving school halfway though year 11, I tried a couple of different trades, but after 4 years in the workforce, at the age of 20, I decided that I wanted to further my education. Cyril Jackson not only gave me this opportunity, but gave me the skills and confidence that has led to an exciting future studying psychology at UWA.

Throughout my year at Cyril Jackson I was given full support; from my teachers giving up their time to go over course concepts I did not understand to the educational supporting staff always being available to answer any questions or just to have a chat.

I would strongly recommend Cyril Jackson to anyone who is seeking to challenge themselves in a supportive environment.


Samuel M

Samuel: I left school in year 9. As a “science-geeky nerd” I found it hard to deal with the standard school structure. Fast forward 3 years and I decided that I desperately wanted to go to university. Despite having had bad experiences with schools, I loved learning. I enrolled at CJ and haven’t looked back.

The best things about CJ:
• The mature atmosphere. Everyone here wants to be here and learn.
• The lack of bullying. In three years I saw hardly any and what I saw was policed quickly.
• The support. The teachers are kind and always offered help.
• The freedom. Having choices regarding what courses you do.

The career choice I have pursued because of my achievements at CJ:
• Went to UWA to study Neuroscience
• Switched to computer science because most of what I was being taught I’d already learnt at CJ!

My future plans are to get my undergraduate degree, possibly do a post grad or masters, and continue to learn. I’ve taken up English tutoring and if I enjoy that I might even go into teaching!


Ella M Ella has attained many achievements at CJ, but previously struggled with attending and completing courses of study. She said, “Other schools don’t take the time to teach you in detail like they do at CJ. The way the teachers teach….Their method of teaching is commendable.” 

During her time at CJ, Ella had a debilitating accident in 2011 that left her with serious head injuries. ‘I felt like a child that had to start again. After the accident I just wanted to do everything in life I’ve always wanted to do.’ She found her greatest enjoyment and aspirations came from her love of music.

At CJ, Ella has gained her Certificate II and III in Music and is currently studying Certificate IV. She said the music courses have helped her ‘Develop as a musician and a person’ and helped her ‘learn how to run a business.’ She said she really respects how the courses are run and has attained from her teacher, Cassandra, a deeper understanding of how to create music.

She has also studied other subjects, including Automotive Engineering, Graphics, Food Science, Literature and English.

‘The environment is more relaxed and you have freedom to develop and continue with what you want to do in life. I’ve always loved the people who came here. It’s so multicultural and all different types of people, who all get on. It’s an adult environment.

In the future I want to work as an artist performing or recording music – anything in the music industry – stage and event management.’

Listen to Ella’s music on Triple J Unearthed

Read the article about how Ella launched the  Sox ‘n’ Jox  homeless campaign.

Read more about Ella’s experience with homelessness.


Bronson MBronson: As a teenager I lacked the qualities of self-confidence and perseverance and I often struggled with traditional forms of schooling. Time spent fading into the foreground of the classroom, usually by no fault other than my own, finally culminated in my washing out of year 11. Following this fail of apocalyptic proportions (or so I thought at the time) I drifted around Perth’s various educational institutions and eventually discovered CJ. As a then aspiring young Marilyn Manson I saw it as being the anti – establishment of establishments. I wasn’t asked to wear a uniform and I could finally grow my hair out and become a voice for the disenfranchised masses that I had always wanted to be!

However, after enrolling in History, Art, English and Psychology I became increasingly aware of the privilege placed upon me in being able to receive an education by teachers who were passionate in their respective fields. They gave me the necessary confidence and criticisms I was in need of to undertake the humanities at a tertiary level. For example, my History teacher once made a kind comment on an essay which flattered my writing style rather more than it deserved. I still keep it close as a simulacrum of my own self-importance in case I’m feeling disheartened or downtrodden whilst pushing out printed pieces for University!

The sequel to my study at CJ was a yearlong stint at Curtin under the double Major of Professional Writing and International Relations. However, I have recently replanted myself at UWA where I am steadfast on studying Philosophy and Literature. I’m still not quite decided on my future career though. I quite like the idea of being an overly praised, overly paid, snobby, bohemian intellectual with no real purpose or prestige outside of his own self-worth. Therefore I plan on pursuing Postgraduate studies after my undergraduate degree, hopefully a PhD.

 Congratulations to CJ’s 2014 students who were eligible for a university ranking (ATAR). The median ATAR for eligible CJ students was 74.8. A fantastic result for our hard working students and teachers! 

CJ students also attained great results for many Stage 3 courses: above the state average for History and Chemistry and within 0.3% of the state average for Psychology and Physics. For 100% of the students who completed Stage 3 Psychology, it was their best or second best ATAR scoring course. Also, Stage 3 students achieved scaled scores of 75% or above for Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Physics. A sterling effort by everyone involved!

Wesley mA special mention goes to Wesley Billingham who attained an ATAR of 98.20 for his studies in 2014. He was also awarded the Cyril Jackson ATAR Dux Award. Wesley is now studying Computer Science at UWA.

Wesley studied Maths 3C/D, Specialist Maths 3A/B, Physics 3A/B, Chemistry 3A/B and English 3A/B at Cyril Jackson. He said, ‘I am very pleased with the results I have achieved in Years 11 and 12. Coming out of home-schooling, I wasn’t certain how I compared to other people in my year group so it was a relief as much as anything to get good results.

The teachers are excellent and very passionate (it is contagious). I also love helping out my classmates when I can. I find satisfaction when I can explain something in a way they understand, and so I guess I also see that as an achievement.

I need a list to talk about the good things about CJ: no school uniform is pretty cool and the timetables are very flexible and easy. Student Services are extremely helpful and always available. Cyril Jackson is fun, interesting and, I think, beneficial to ‘mingle’ with all the people at CJ that come from different countries, follow different faiths, etc. I can’t imagine a school being more multicultural.’

Wesley is now studying Computer Science at UWA.

Watch Wesley and other previous home-schoolers talk about their positive experiences on campus. 
Click to view


 Sakina MSakina studied Certificate II in Community Services at Cyril Jackson in 2011. Sakina commented that the staff at Cyril Jackson was very helpful and that she had a wonderful time studying here.

Her workplace learning placement in Aged Care was  very useful  in helping her to gain employment.
She is currently working as a Dental Nurse.


Vu Mai M

Vu began his studies  at the Intensive English Centre to improve his English skills. He then studied four subjects in Year 11 and 12: Mathematics, English, Graphic Design and Certificate in Visual Art.

During his time at CJ, he had many achievements, including awards for graphic design and visual arts. He also exhibited a painting in a Bassendean exhibition, which was sold.

Vu said he ‘immediately fell in love with digital art,’ especially working on the concept and design. He found working on the computer ‘fun and very entertaining.’

‘I enjoy every moment at CJ, not only the school has offered me a great place to study, but also the teachers and students here are very friendly and helpful. This has given me a good opportunity to learn more about art.’

‘In the future I will try my best in university, and hope to get a position in the animation industry. At the moment my friends and I have setup a studio named Victius Games Studio and are currently working on a video game project.’


Rhianna MRhianna – ‘I am a 26 year old single mother at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus. I decided to come to CJ in  to further my education and provide a better future for myself and my son.

At first the thought of coming back to school, 12 years after I had left, was very daunting and nerve-racking, but any anxieties I had were immediately put at ease by the support of my teachers, office staff and friends.

The atmosphere at CJ is very relaxed and accepting of all cultures and diversities. I have enjoyed studying English, Health, Psychology and Information Technology.

After receiving my WACE I hope to study Beauty Therapy and Business Management at TAFE in the hope of one day owning my own beauty salon. I would highly recommend Cyril Jackson Senior Campus to anyone looking for a calm, happy and accepting atmosphere in which to learn.’ 

 Chris mChris was a previous student at CJ who studied Maths, Physics and English. He’s now at the University of Western Australia and has nearly completed his Bachelor in Science (Engineering major).

Chris said the highlights from his time as CJ were: ‘attending a Curtin Mining School field trip, becoming friends with people from all over the world, meeting amazing teachers and winning the Year 12 English Award and an Achievement Award.’

From his experience at CJ he now believes, ‘ If you put the time and effort into something, with discipline, patience and persistence ANYTHING (that you really want) is achievable.’

For the second year in a row, a Cyril Jackson student has achieved a perfect ATAR score of 99.95. 

Congratulations Mitchell! 

Mitchell studied English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Specialist Maths in Years 11 and 12. He had been home-schooled for all ten previous school years. Mitchell said: 

‘Starting the final two years, I was very unsure as to how to complete my secondary education, and had little idea of what I wanted to do with myself afterwards. I had heard about Cyril Jackson and was drawn to its flexibility. Although daunting at first, it was easy to make the transition from home-schooling to full-time secondary study. With the help of excellent teachers and the student services team, I survived my last (and first) two years of school.

Over that period I developed a love for the sciences and I hope to go on to study Physics and Mathematics through UWA’s Bachelor of Philosophy degree. (Bear in mind that I had no idea what I wanted to do before I started year 11!)’

Mitchell’s father was grateful for the ‘great teaching staff in guiding him to this and support of the homeschooling community in general …. and Arash also, of course, last year’s 99.95er who was also a great inspiration to Mitchell.’

At the recent Exhibitions and Awards Presentation Ceremony, Mitchell was awarded:
– a Course Exhibition – Mathematics
– a Certificate of Distinction – Mathematics
– a Certificate of Distinction – Physics
– and a Certificate of Commendation.

Mitchell offered place at UWARead more

natasha m

Natasha, a past student of CJ ACCESS, recently came back to CJ for our Career Expo. Natasha was helping on the stall for the Department of Mines and Petroleum. She has been working for this department as an administrative officer for 1 ½ years. She said, graduating from CJ gave her the skills and confidence to apply for the job.

Apart from the CJ ACCESS course, Natasha said she also enjoyed studying Art and Photography and the best thing about CJ is that ‘anyone at any age can study a variety of subjects.’

 Natasha said she is happy in her job and hopes to save and buy a house.

Donna and NaomiDonna – ‘As a mature-age person wanting to re-enter the work force I was limited to what I was able to do. After looking at the wide range of subjects that Cyril Jackson Senior Campus offered, I narrowed my choice down to two subjects: Psychology and English. After visiting the campus I felt reassured that while studying as a mature-age student at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus I would be well supported.

I found school very difficult as a teenager and hence had not completed high school. I was apprehensive as to how I would cope with learning at my age. From the beginning, my teachers encouraged, supported and tirelessly helped me. The other students were terrific and were all from various backgrounds and we all embraced each other’s differences.

I found psychology to be incredibly fascinating.  I enjoyed psychology immensely and plan to do some psychology units at university in the coming years, along with two other fellow students whom are planning to study psychology at university fulltime. I think this is a testimony to the CJ teachers, and the psychology course.

I have been accepted into university next year and I will be going with a confidence and belief in myself that I would not have dared to have without Cyril Jackson. I didn’t expect to ever go to university so I am grateful that I can pursue a degree in what really interests me, which is nutrition.

My daughter Naomi also studied at Cyril Jackson, completing her WACE and receiving an ATAR over three years finishing in 2011. She studied English, Art, Modern History and Human Biology at CJ. The teachers helped and encouraged Naomi to achieve her best results and offered tutoring each week which Naomi attended. Her art pieces featured in the Year 12 Perceptives at the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Year 12 Government School exhibition that was displayed in TAFE Central, Northbridge. She gained a 93 ATAR through Cyril Jackson. She is presently enjoying studying Occupational Therapy at university and is achieving good grades.’

Ryan and Sione m

Sione and Ryan have just attained apprenticeships to become chefs, after studying Certificate II in Hospitality. They were hand-picked by the Hospitality Group Training after excelling in their course.

Ryan began his study at CJ in the ACCESS course and Sione began in  Certificate I in Hospitality. Sione said, ‘At Cyril Jackson you get a second chance with your education. It’s a place where you go to find hope and it has a multi-cultural feel that’s respectful. All of the teachers are really helpful and are always there to pick-up us up if we’re down.’

Ryan said, ‘You get a greater chance of finishing your education. The teachers treats us like adults.’

Sione and Ryan have big plans for their futures, Ryan said, ‘I want to own my own restaurant, travel the world and try different foods and learn about different cultures.’ 

Sione said, ‘I want to be the first person in Perth to open a food truck and I want to have my own catering business.’


Alejandro MAlejandro has produced some amazing artworks in his time at Cyril Jackson and has a solo art exhibition at the Bassendean Library. He is currently studying Art, Graphic design, EALD and French and is aiming to study Fine Arts at university.

He says, ‘In my opinion the best thing about CJ is the community. The multicultural environment in CJ made me realize that even with all my years of “studying” about the world I was still ignorant about a lot of things. Thanks to CJ I’ve learnt about different cultures, languages and ways to see life. I met really wise and intelligent people and it helped me to develop my art in a more understandable way.

The teachers are awesome and are always willing to help. Without them I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dream of being an artist. For all those reasons I feel really proud to have chosen CJ as my school.

My plan is to keep doing art, travel around the world and keep learning. I’m sure it is not easy to see the hidden meaning in my artworks, but I’m aiming to one day be able to help others through my art, to help people who feel the same way as me.’

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