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The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is awarded to secondary school students who satisfy its requirements. Generally, students will complete two years of senior secondary study, after which they are awarded the WACE.

Requirements for 2012 and beyond

The WACE requirements for 2012 and beyond are different from the 2011 requirements.


Breadth and depth requirement

    • Complete a minimum of 20 course units or the equivalent.
    • The 20 course units must include at least:

      – Four course units from English, Literature and/or English as an Additional Language/Dialect, studied during Year 11 and Year 12 ( at least two of these units completed in Year 12).
      – One pair of course units from each of List A (arts/languages/social sciences) and List B (mathematics/science/technology) completed in Year 12.


Achievement standard requirement

    • Achieve a C grade average or better across the best 16 course units of which at least 8 must be completed in Year 12.
    • Endorsed programs and/or VET credit transfer (stand alone) can reduce the required number of course units by up to 6 units.


English language competence requirement

  • Achieve a C grade or better in any Stage 1 or higher course unit from English, Literature and/or English as an Additional Language/Dialect( except 1A and 1B for English as an Additional Language/Dialect).
  • For students who have not achieved a C grade in one of their English, Literature and/or English as an Additional Language/Dialect course units, schools will need to compare a selection of the student’s work with the work samples to verify the student has demonstrated the required standard.



All students studying a course at stage 2 or stage 3 in the final year of senior secondary schooling (Year 12) are required to sit an examination in the appropriate stage of that course.

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