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To fill in some gaps in my knowledge

Perhaps you didn’t complete Year 10 and don’t feel confident studying at Year 11 level just yet. The best option for you could be the 11 P.L.U.S.

Perhaps you need some background knowledge before studying Year 12. If this is your situation, talk to a course adviser about the large range of Year 11 courses which can prepare you for Year 12. We also offer a number of these preparatory courses in iLearn Flexible Learning mode.

Perhaps you need extra help with your English or Mathematics. Choose campus-based English and also access our TUTORING program which is free-of-charge.  We also offer Fundamentals & Bridging Mathematics which will help ‘fill in some gaps’ for you.

If English is an additional language for you, choose the excellent one-on-one service provided by the SELF ACCESS program.

Ask your course adviser about any or all of these programs.

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