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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 ATAR Visual Arts – ATVAR

Suggested entry level: Successful completion of ATAR Units 1&2
These art units are designed for tertiary entry.

Unit 3
vis art gThe focus for this unit is commentaries. In this unit, you will engage with the social and cultural purposes of art making to produce a unique and cohesive body of work. Broad and innovative inquiry includes the conceptualisation and documentation of experiences within contemporary society. Students transform ideas and develop concepts using innovative approaches to art making and presentation. You will document your thinking and working practices, having the flexibility to work across media and art forms.

You will research artwork providing critical comment on the meaning, purpose and values communicated. You will examine your own beliefs and consider how the visual arts have reflected and shaped society in different times and places.

Consideration is given to the roles of artists in different societies, for example, hero, outsider, commentator and social critic. Students investigate the social functions of art, for example political and ideological expression, satire, social description or graphic communication. You will address the relationship between form, function and meaning and develop understandings of how artists are influenced by pervasive ideas, events and circumstances, and how re-contextualisation contributes to meanings and messages in artwork.
This unit is designed as a prerequisite for Unit 4 VAR.
Unit 4
vis art gThe focus for this unit is points of view. In this unit you will explore concepts or issues of personal significance in the presentation of a sustained, articulate and authentic body of work. You will engage in sustained inquiry, exploring ideas and developing concepts to communicate a personal point of view.

You will investigate a range of solutions using visual language and document the progressive resolution of thinking and working practices. Skills, techniques and processes are combined in the pursuit of new art forms, innovation and personal style.

You will use critical analysis frameworks to develop an understanding of the practice of art making and art interpretation. You will research and analyse factors affecting points of view such as time, place, culture, religion and politics, synthesising this knowledge to express a personal viewpoint or position. In the analysis of your own and others’ artwork, you will reflect on the relationship between artwork, audiences and contextual factors, and consider how these contribute to the development of different perspectives.
Unit Pair Cost: $140.00

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