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Workplace Learning

This is an endorsed program developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.  Workplace Learning allows students to develop transferable skills through work experience in the workplace. These skills may be developed through paid or unpaid work experience.

Why should you enrol in Workplace Learning?

  • To improve your skills for employment
  • To help you make better career choices
  • To gain confidence working with other people
  • To improve your opportunities for part-time work
  • To gain extra points for TAFE entry
  • To gain credit for part-time work

What is required?

Students may complete up to four units of Workplace Learning during Year 11 and 12. This is done in blocks of 55 hours.  For each 55 hours of work, a logbook must be completed and signed off by the student’s supervisor and Workplace Learning Coordinator.

Burswood Entertainment Centre

Ideally, you should have two days free on your timetable to enable you to do your work placement. It is possible for you to do your work placement after school or in the holidays.

Students are to complete an induction program before starting their placement.

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