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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 General Chemistry – G1CHE & G2CHE

Unit 1

Prerequisite: This unit is suitable for you if you have limited formal training in chemistry. If you have had only a little schooling in science, you will find this course difficult.

chemistry6The focus for this unit is chemistry and me. Within this very broad focus, you will:

• be introduced to some models and theories in chemistry.
• know the structure of matter can be modelled in terms of particles called atoms composed of protons, neutrons and electrons
• develop an understanding of phase properties and changes with reference to the particle theory.
• use appropriate chemical language including the use of chemical symbols for common elements and compounds.
• understand the differences between physical and chemical changes
• understand that different solute/solvent combinations that form different types of solutions
• understand that chemical reactions appropriate to the chosen context(s) can be represented using word equations
• construct questions for investigation; propose hypotheses; and predict possible outcomes

Unit Cost: $25.00

Unit 2

Prerequisite : Successful completion (C grade or better) of Unit 1 or equivalent.

The focus for this unit is chemistry in the community. Within this very broad focus, you will:
• learn about acids, bases and neutralisation
• know the physical properties of water, for example, surface tension and adhesion, responsible for the formation of a meniscus
• understand that human activity impacts on waterways. Chemical monitoring and management assists in providing safe water for human use and to protect the habitats of other organisms
• show how physical and chemical analysis of solutions can be conducted, for example, pH, precipitation, conductivity, dissolved solids, turbidity and salinity
• explain the cleaning action of soaps, detergents and shampoos
• investigate the biodegradability of soaps, detergents and shampoos
• investigate eutrophication, for example, fertiliser use and sewage

Unit Cost: $25.00

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