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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 Drama – General G1DRA & G2DRA

General Unit 1 G1DRA

drama gDo you want to be an actor, work backstage, direct and produce performances or just want to be involved in drama for enjoyment? Experience the rewards that come from developing personal skills, confidence and the knowledge and understanding that can be transferred to a range of careers and life situations. The focus of this unit is dramatic storytelling. You will view, read and explore relevant drama works and texts using drama scripts.

Unit cost: $95.00

GeneralĀ Unit 2 G2DRA

drama gExperience the rewards and enjoyment that come from developing your own drama productions while you explore drama performance events. In this unit you will become the playwright and the Director as you extend your skills of improvisation. Learn how to construct a narrative through the use of dialogue, dramatic tension, atmosphere and symbols. Participate in a variety of Theatre Sports games that are both skillful and humorous! You will also attend an excursion to a live theatre performance and be involved in a production that will take place at a public venue! A great way to extend your skills and get involved in community theatre!

Unit cost: $95.00

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