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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 Campus Based Science – CBSCI

These units are suitable if you have had little schooling in curriculum science and your English language skills are still developing.

With the focus for these units being science in everyday life, they are designed to give students with little or no scientific training the skills and language necessary to allow them to study science subjects with a degree of confidence.

intro2You will engage in practical activities that are relevant. Learn by applying science and you will be better able to investigate the world around you. An emphasis is placed on the safe and responsible use of equipment as well as the development of basic science understanding. You will learn that scientific knowledge is applied in everyday situations such as work and many of our other activities.

You will also learn that scientists are people who work in our community to protect the environment, who design new ways of doing things and produce new things to improve our lives.

Where possible you will be involved in learning contexts that cover all three of the learning areas biological science, physical science and environmental science. In this way you will be prepared for courses in several areas of science not just one.

Unit Cost: $25.00

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