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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 Health Studies – G1HEA & G2HEA

Unit 1
Health promotion is the key to this course. Students will explore factors which influence their health in positive and negative ways, and devise action plans which focus on achieving identified goals designed to improve health.

Students will have the opportunity to develop key employability and life skills, including communication, leadership, initiative and enterprise.

healthUnit 1 includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below.

  • physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of health 
  • measurement of personal health status for each dimension of health 
  • lifestyle factors affecting health 
  • impact of beliefs, attitudes and values on health behaviour 
  • personal health risk assessment 
  • definition and identification of self-management skills that promote health and wellbeing 
  • rights and responsibilities as a healthcare consumer 
  • identification and description of a health issue 
  • presentation of findings in appropriate format to suit audience

Unit Cost: $ 20.00


Unit 2 builds on the content covered in Unit 1. The notion of prevention is central to this unit.

healthThis unit includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below.

  • introduction to determinants of health
  • preventive actions and skills to cope with influences on health behaviour and to enhance health
  • the importance of health care as prevention versus health care as treatment
  • the role of communities in the construction and promotion of social and cultural norms 
  • strategies to promote the health of communities 
  • complementary and orthodox health care options 
  • self-management skills and interpersonal skills
  • factors influencing decision making

Unit Cost: $ 20.00


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