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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 ATAR Modern History – A1HIM & A2HIM

Prerequisite: a “C” Grade in a Humanities course is preferred.

Unit 1 – Understanding the Modern World: Capitalism – the American Experience 1907–1941


In this unit, students examine the idea of capitalism as experienced in the USA which has helped to define the modern world. Students will explore crucial changes which resulted in the transformation of production, capitalism and consumption, transport and communications and the challenges that this has posed to US society and the government. 

This unit focuses on developments in the USA during the First World War, the fun loving times of the 1920s, the Depression and the lead up to the Second World War.

Unit cost:$35.00

Unit 2 – Movements for change: Nazism in Germany


This unit investigates the ways in which individuals, groups and institutions have challenged existing political structures, accepted social organisation, and prevailing economic models, to transform societies.

The unit will focus on the interesting phenomenon of the rise of Nazi Germany, the magnetic personality of Adolf Hitler and the coming of war.

Unit cost:$35.00

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