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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 ATAR Visual Arts – A1VAR & A2VAR


vis art gThe focus for this unit is differences. You may, for example, consider differences arising from cultural diversity, place, gender, class and historical period. Differences relating to art forms, media and conventions may also provide a stimulus for exploration and expression.
You will explore ways of collecting, compiling and recording information and documenting thinking and working practices. You explore approaches to drawing and develop awareness that each artist has his or her particular way of making marks to convey personal vision. You examine how visual language and media choices contribute to the process of conveying function and meaning, and use a range of media and technologies to explore, create, and communicate ideas.
You will recognise that visual artwork is subject to different interpretations and appreciate that informed responses should take into account the varying contexts within which a work of art is created. You develop awareness of styles of representation, examining distinctly individualistic approaches of artists in different times and places.

Unit cost:$70.00


vis art gThe focus for this unit is identities. In working with this focus, you will explore concepts or issues related to personal, social, cultural or gender identity. You become aware that self-expression distinguishes individuals as well as cultures. You will use a variety of stimulus materials and use a range of investigative approaches as starting points to create artwork. You will develop a personal approach to the development of ideas and concepts, making informed choices about the materials, skills, techniques and processes used to resolve and present your artwork.
Students develop understandings of the personal and/or public functions of art in the expression of identity, for example, spiritual expression, psychological expression, therapy, ceremony and ritual, and the purposes of art, such as narrative – telling personal stories or exploring myths. You understand that art may give form to ideas and issues that concern the wider community.
Response to artwork stimulates insights, encourages deeper understandings, and challenges preconceived ideas. You will develop an awareness of how the visual arts may be both socially confirming and questioning, analyse your own cultural beliefs and values and develop deeper understandings of your own personal visual arts heritage.

Unit cost: $70.00

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