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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Accounting and Finance – GTACF

Unit 3: Double entry accounting for Small Business


You will apply your understanding of financial principles, systems and
institutions to manage financial information and make decisions in a
variety of small businesses. You will develop an understanding of the
rationale for the use of particular conventions and principles and the
consequences of disregarding them is essential. You will record and
process financial information using the double-entry system and apply
the principles of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Learning about the
various forms of business organisations adopted by small business isĀ integral to the course.


Unit 4: Accrual Accounting

financeYou will apply financial systems and principles to the operations of
businesses and distinguish between cash and accrual methods of
accounting. Also, you will prepare and analyse financial reports for a
variety of types of business organisations and become familiar with
the main aspects of electronic processing of financial data. Learning
the role and functions of the professional accounting and financial
associations is an important element of the unit.

Unit Pair Cost: $70

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