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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 ATAR Chemistry – ATCHE

Prerequisite: Successful completion (C grade or better) of ATAR Units 1&2 or the equivalent.

Unit 3
The focus for this unit is chemical process. In it you will:
• explore how chemists achieve an economically viable rate of production by manipulating the factors influencing the rate of reaction and yield of product.
• learn to appreciate how chemists maintain appropriate levels of health and safety, protect the environment and enhance our health and lifestyle by applying their knowledge of materials and industrial processes.
• perform multi-step stoichiometric (mathematical) calculations appropriate with an industrial context.
• explore the chemistry of acids and bases
• learn how spontaneous redox reactions can be used as a source of electrical energy, including primary, secondary and fuel cells.

chemistry3Unit 4
This unit focuses on organic chemistry and the processes of chemical synthesis by which useful substances are produced for the benefit of society.
This unit includes the knowledge, understandings and skills described below. You will:

• investigate the relationship between the structure, properties and chemical reactions, different organic functional groups and the vast diversity of organic compounds.
• develop your understanding of the process of chemical synthesis to form useful substances and products and the need to consider a range of factors in the design of these processes
• understand how models and theories have developed over time, and the ways in which chemical knowledge interacts with social and economic considerations in a range of contexts group.
• engage in a multi-faceted exploration of an important industrial, environmental or biological process which has significance for the society at large.

Unit Pair Cost: $60.00
Approximate cost of compulsory text books = $120

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