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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Children, Family and the Community – General Units 3 & 4

circleUnit 3
In this unit, you will be:
• examining the diverse and dynamic nature of families in Australia
• investigating human development
• examining and evaluating the features of products, services and systems for individuals and families
• recognising and acknowledging cultural diversity, inequity and injustice issues
• developing self-management and interpersonal skills
• enhancing personal relationships
• preparing to take active roles in society.

Unit 4
In this unit, you will be:
• examining the effects of a rapidly changing society on an individual’s development and wellbeing
• exploring contemporary Australian issues and trends relating to families and communities at a state and national level
• examining developmental theories and their influence on mental development
• using self-management and interpersonal skills
• assessing and developing products, processes, services, systems or environments
• introduced to a range of advocacy types
Unit Pair Cost: $140.00

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