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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 Design: Graphics – General GTDESG

graphicsUnit 3 – Product design

The focus for this unit is product design. Students learn that the commercial world is comprised of companies, requiring consumer products, services and brands for a particular audience.

The list of learning foci below is not exhaustive but may include:

  • Graphic Design: product packaging, for example, drink, food processed/fresh, cosmetics, tote/paper bags; T‐shirt and swing tag/packaging; corporate identity, for example, logo, business card, letterhead, business report; CD cover; fabric design; poster and flyer for school events, for example, musical, concerts

Unit Cost: $121.00

Unit 4 – Cultural design

graphicsThe focus for this unit is cultural design. Students learn that society is made up of different groups of people who share diverse values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and needs; and that different forms of visual communication transmit these values and beliefs.

The list of learning foci below is not exhaustive but may include:

  • Graphic Design: skateboard/surfboard designs; music festival/ band promotional material; logo/advertising; design for non‐profit organisation or sub‐culture; sustainable design concepts, for example, green café, canvas shoe design and promotional poster; program design for event or function; advertisement for a particular sub‐culture; horoscope symbols for a specific magazine such as Frankie; theme or issue inspired book/magazine/comic book covers; illustrated cover and pages for a teen novel/genre; game cover and promotional T‐shirt;  greetings cards with cultural context, for example, birthday, sympathy

Unit Cost: $121.00

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