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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 General Economics – GTECO

Prerequisite: a minimum “C” grade in a Humanities course.

Unit 3 Microeconomics
This unit explores the theory that markets are an efficient way to allocate scarce resources, using real world markets with an emphasis on the Australian economy. When the forces of demand and supply do not allocate and price resources in a way that society would regard as efficient, market failure can occur. You will examine examples of market failure, along with a range of government policy options that can be applied to achieve more desirable outcomes. You are also introduced to the language of economics and the use of theories and models to explain and interpret economic events and issues.

economyUnit 4 Macroeconomics
This unit explores the government’s role in a modified market economy and Australia’s recent (the last ten years) and contemporary (the last three years) macroeconomic performance. It also explores the cyclical fluctuations in the level of economic activity that result in the economy which, in turn, have implications for economic growth, inflation and unemployment.

This course is also offered as a flexible iLearn course.

Unit Pair Cost: $70.00
iLearn Unit Pair Cost: $100.00

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