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Year 12 ATAR Human Biology – ATHBY (also available in iLearn)

Prerequisites:  Successful completion (C grade or better) of ATAR Units 1&2 or the equivalent.  Excellent reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Unit 3
This unit explores the nervous and endocrine systems and the mechanisms that help maintain the systems of the body to function within normal range, and the body’s immune responses to invading pathogens.

The focus for this unit is human regulation. In it you will:
• investigate how cellular activities are controlled by feedback mechanisms for the maintenance of homeostasis of body temperature, body fluid composition, blood sugar, gas concentrations and blood pressure.
• investigate how the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems work together to control the interaction of body systems within a changing external environment.
• develop an understanding that variation in characteristics can be the result of polygenes and multi-allelic genes and that gene pools are affected by evolutionary mechanisms including natural selection and chance occurrences.
• develop an appreciation that human intervention can occur during stages of life by manipulation of life processes enabling control of normal function and control of dysfunction to influence the quality of life for individuals and the society.

Unit 4
This unit explores the variations in humans in their changing environment and evolutionary trends in hominids.
The focus for this unit is variations in humans. In it you will:
• explore the role of DNA; its manipulation and application in the treatment of disease, the ageing individual and evolutionary trends in both primates and hominids.
• explore developments in the fields of comparative genomics, comparative biochemistry and bioinformatics have enabled identification of further evidence for evolutionary relationships, which help refine existing models and theories
• understand the reasons for human diversity and change considering inheritance, variation and evolution.
• use scientific approaches to the study and communication of human biology.
• conduct investigations, including the use of virtual or real biotechnological techniques of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)sequencing, and techniques for relative and absolute dating, safely, competently and methodically for valid and reliable collection of data

These units are also available in iLearn mode*.

Unit Pair Cost:$60.00
iLearn Unit Pair Cost: $100.00

Approximate cost of compulsory text books = $ 120

*To enrol in iLearn, students must have access to a computer and internet.

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