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Cyril Jackson

Year 12 ATAR Physics – ATPHY

Prerequisite: Successful completion (C grade or better) of ATAR Units 1&2

Unit 3
This unit focuses on two (2) content areas. The first is motion and forces in a gravitational field. In this section you will explore the motion of objects in gravitational fields, including the motion of projectiles, orbiting planets, moons and satellites and the ways in which forces affect the stability of extended objects. The second is electricity and magnetism. Within this content area you will learn about magnetic fields and how they interact with moving charges in situations involving current electricity, the motor effect and electromagnetic induction. You will also plan, conduct and evaluate investigations looking at real world problems associated with the content areas.

physics1Unit 4
This unit focuses on two (2) content areas. The first is particles, waves and quanta while the second is motion and forces in electric and magnetic fields. Further study of mechanical and electromagnetic waves allows you to appreciate both classical and modern interpretations of the nature and behaviours of waves. You will also learn how waves are used in a variety of technologies. Extending your knowledge of atomic physics, you will examine spectra and explain a range of physical phenomena such as fluorescence and x-ray emission. You will learn about some aspects of modern physics such as relativity and cosmology.

Unit Pair Cost: $60.00

Approximate cost of compulsory text books = $ 130

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