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Cyril Jackson

Year 11 Materials Design and Technology – Wood – General GTMDTW


Unit 1 

wood_09_10_062In this course you will interact with a variety of items that have been specifically designed to meet certain needs. You are introduced to the fundamentals of design and learn to communicate various aspects of the technology process by constructing what you design. Throughout the process, you will learn about the origins, classifications, properties and suitability for purpose of the materials you are using, and are introduced to a range of production equipment and techniques. You develop materials manipulation skills and production management strategies, and are given the opportunity to realise your design ideas through the production of your design project.

Unit cost $50.00

Unit 2 

The focus of this course is production fundamentals. You will be introduced to principles and practices of design, along with woodworking fundamentals to manufacture products for yourself. You will learn to communicate various aspects of the design process within the structure of making your product. You will learn about timber properties and processes, and how to use a variety of tools and machines safely and effectively in the wood workshop.

Unit cost $50.00


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