Our Vision

To be a flexible, sustainable and mature learning environment, which empowers our students and inspires life-long learning through authentic experiences. We value diversity and individuality, building independent and resilient students as they progress towards their goals.

Our Values

Respect | Achievement | Diversity | Inclusivity | Opportunity

We are a Campus providing opportunities for students from a diverse range of backgrounds. We are inclusive of differences including cultural background, socio-economic status, disability, age, gender and sexual orientation.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus is one of two unique Campuses in Western Australia which caters for students who want to study a Year 11 and 12 program in an adult environment. At our unique Campus we are able to enrol compulsory age and adult students to complete Year 11 and 12.  We offer a wide range of courses which enables numerous pathways for our students which include University, further training or employment.

We have three main enrolment streams. The first are compulsory age students who would prefer to learn in an adult learning environment. The second are mature-age people who decide to return to school to complete Year 11 and/or 12. The third stream of students are those who enrol in our specialist Intensive English Centre, a Department of Education endorsed program for English language development.   These students are mainly migrants and refugees who add a strong multicultural feel to the campus. 

We pride ourselves on our mature learning environment, our ability to accommodate difference and our commitment to providing a flexible model of curriculum delivery.

Our staff work hard to support the educational progress of our students whilst also ensuring that their health and well-being needs are met by delivering a balanced program to suit the needs of the individual student. We have a flexible timetable structure that permits students to work part-time whilst studying. We also offer online learning through our iLearn Flexible Learning mode which supports students who may work full-time and are unable to attend day time classes.

We are a unique Campus offering a range of courses for students of all ages and for some, a second chance. Our focus is on our students’ academic success through our flexible approach and our emphasis on a mature learning environment.

Annual Report

Our Annual Report highlights the outcomes of our performance from student achievement to Board governance. A range of evidence is presented comprising individual student achievement, Learning Area summaries, whole of Campus achievement in response to the Business Plan and general highlights of the year.

We are proud of the opportunities we have provided for our students and the enthusiasm with which these were accepted. Our teaching and support staff are always available to support our students, with their academic work, their social circumstances and also supporting our international students as they adjust to life in Australia.

Being – Belonging – Becoming epitomises our commitment to ensure that all of our students can be who they are and express their individuality, belong as a member of our community, and become the person they want to be as they transition from us to the broader community.

Business Plan

In preparing the Cyril Jackson Business Plan, extensive consultation has occurred with staff and Board members to determine the strategic direction of the Campus over the next three years.

We are motivated to ensure that this plan supports all students and all staff in making Cyril Jackson Senior Campus a unique and high quality place to learn and to educate. We are keen to ensure that the broader community has a role in supporting our intentions through establishing strong relationships and partnerships in order that our students have access to range of learning opportunities, suited to their future pathways.

We look forward to implementing the plan and achieving our major outcomes.

Public School Review

In April 2021, Cyril Jackson SC was reviewed by the Department of Education’s Public School Accountability directorate.  The report is attached.

The purpose of the school review, undertaken across all public schools, is to give assurance to the community, the Department of Education and the government that each school is delivering a quality education program to students.  The review provides feedback on school achievements and measures for the staff to consider in the goal of continuous improvement.

For Cyril Jackson SC, the next review will be scheduled during Term 2, 2024.