In 2017, the ArtsHouse project received a grant from the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund and Artsource to continue its growth and to fund three AiR programs. Each residency saw the artists spend at least one term embedded in the CJSC community. 

While in residence each artist enjoyed a dedicated studio space in ArtsHouse, access to other facilities on campus, and the opportunity to create new work in a supportive environment. Additionally, the artists benefitted from the experience of developing their teaching skills, interacting with the community, building awareness of their work, and having wider audience reach. 

In return, each artist undertook a mentoring role, sharing with students their technical skills and advice for real world professional arts practice in Perth. The program thus enriched students’ knowledge and understanding of contemporary arts practice, by demonstrating the role artists play in society, and providing dynamic and engaged learning experiences.

ArtsHouse sought artists to specifically engage with three different focus areas; the Aboriginal Cultural Framework, Digital Literacy and Students at Educational Risk. Sharyn EganElizabeth Pedler and Gordon Mitchell were the successful 2018-19 applicants.