During Semester 2, 12 of our Food, Science and Technology students are whipping up a storm in the kitchen, thanks to the Great Ocean Road – Careers Made Here – Cheese Your Own Creation Programme.

The programme involves students in a uniquely creative way: in teams of two, students design their own imaginative dairy creation to bring to life. The student chefs then develop and make the recipe, and submit a photo of the creation to be judged. Twelve lucky recipes will be selected for inclusion in the 2020 Great Ocean Road Calendar.

Cheese Your Own Creation is taught as part of Cyril Jackson Senior Campus’ Food Technology classes and involves hundreds of students and teachers from 100 schools across Australia.

Leanne Sawyer, our Food, Science and Technology teacher said her students are having a lot of fun learning about all things dairy through the Great Ocean Road program. “Cheese Your Own Creation is encouraging our students to use their imagination to bring amazing creations to life out of everyday dairy products. I am so impressed with the nutritious meals our students are creating with simple ingredients like milk and cheese,” Ms Sawyer said.

Tracy Wong, Great Ocean Road Senior Brand Manager, said Cheese Your Own Creation makes important links between the dairy industry, schools and local community. “Great Ocean Road and Saputo Dairy Australia are proud to support the Cheese your Own Creation programme which is a great opportunity for local students to get creative while learning about the wide range of career opportunities in Australia’s exciting dairy industry.”

Great Ocean Road also gives students and teacher supporting resources and curriculum, a $100 gift voucher to purchase products and a copy of the 2019 Great Ocean Road calendar for creative inspiration.

“Through the programme, students gain an understanding of the dairy industry, the nutritional value of its products and the importance of the industry to regional economies – all while having lots of fun in the kitchen. I’m excited to see what the students at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus create and trying my hand at some of their recipes,” Tracy Wong said.

At the conclusion of the Cheese Your Own Creation programme, each student will be awarded a certificate in recognition of their hard work and creativity. The 12 winning creations will receive $250 for their school. Results will be announced on 4th November 2019 with prizes presented to the winning schools and students.

How Cheese Your Own Creation works:

Term 2, 2019               Schools receive supplies

Term 2 or 3, 2019       Students make a start on the programme

6th September 2019    Programme work is submitted

4th November 2019     The 12 National Winners are announced.