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Alenka Jeram

Alenka Jeram

Community Representative

Alenka has been working in asylum seeker/refugee sector for over a decade  and has spent the majority of that time in Migration Support Programs (MSP) for the Australian Red Cross.

Alenka has been managing the expansion of Community Detention program in WA since early 2011 including as part of the International Tracing Restoring Family Links network. She was appointed to a Senior Manager position four years ago. Red Cross’s MSP team is now recognised for having an excellent team culture and for implementing innovative approaches to community development and youth initiatives.

Two years ago, Red Cross became the only WA provider delivering Humanitarian Settlement Program, looking after newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants, many of them students at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.

Prior to joining Red Cross, Alenka worked at Association of Services for Torture and Trauma Survivors as an Innovation Coordinator.

She has an extensive research background and holds a degree in Political Science and Social Justice from Notre Dame University and is a Leadership WA graduate.