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Belinda Stewart

Belinda Stewart

Staff Representative

After teaching in the Intensive English Centre for almost 15 years, in 2016 Belinda was appointed as its Deputy Principal. She is responsible for more than 30 teachers and education assistants who all work to provide the best possible educational outcomes for newly arrived migrant and refugee students.

Prior to taking on this leadership role Belinda was a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and taught at all levels of the program over my years in the IEC.

Through the board Belinda has been able to advocate for the needs of these students and has appreciated the support of the board in setting up a grant and fundraising to help students access subsidised driving lessons.

She’s a passionate advocate for students from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and have been involved in WATESOL, the professional association of teachers of English as a second language for 15 years, taking on a range of rolls on the committee.

Through this committee Belinda has been involved in the successful lobbying of state and federal governments and the Department of Education to make changes to support CALD students’ educational opportunities, as well at providing professional learning for teachers of CALD students.