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Peter Stone

Peter Stone

Community Representative

Peter Stone has spent his career in the printing industry as a small business owner. He grew up in the printing industry and took over his family printing business from his father (and his grandfather before him). Peter is an innovator and entrepreneur. He thrives on adapting rapidly to change, from the radical changes in the printing industry over the past decades as it has grown into the digital to age, to adapting to produce hand sanitiser and face shields in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Peter has been known to spend his ‘spare time’ building houses and writing complex software programs and is also a professional photographer.

Peter has a passion for both volunteering and education, and has been strongly involved in education since his children were in primary school, when he volunteered as the P&C President. Now that his children are all adults, he has joined the board of the Cyril Jackson Senior Campus to continue his contribution to the education community.