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Sarah McLeod

Sarah McLeod

Deputy Chair

Sarah has lived in Bassendean since 2003 when she returned from living and working in Sydney. She has a diverse range of experience across marketing, sales and business management and small business ownership.

Sarah is idealistically driven and believes that by combining the right people and the right environment it leads to triumph. She is a happy, passionate and highly motivated individual who thrives on generating outcomes through many facets of communication and collaboration. Her exposure to the complexities of owning a small business for six years have further expanded her abilities and keenness in dealing with business situations and opportunities to ensure the best outcome.

The strength of Sarah’s leadership success is supported by her confidence and infectious excitement for achieving goals. Her skills in balancing strategy (breadth of view) and operations (hands on tactics) have developed in tandem over the course of her career. Her experience navigating many situations from diverse viewpoints, has supported her ability to work productively in both categories.

Sarah thoroughly enjoys communication as it’s the cornerstone and fundamental way in which we relate to one another. She is highly motivated by working together with all areas of a business, so it is possible to guide results and outcomes effectively.