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Vanessa Buemi

Vanessa Buemi

Staff Representative

Vanessa is the Program Coordinator of Curriculum and Vocational Education and Training at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus. Vanessa’s background is in Visual Art; she holds a Diploma, Bachelor of Arts with Honours and a Master of Creative Arts and has exhibited her work extensively within Australia and Internationally.

Vanessa is a strong advocate of Vocational Education and Training, having started her own pathway at TAFE. The many alternate pathways now available to students drives Vanessa to tirelessly seek opportunities that benefit all students who attend CJSC.

CJSC changes lives. Having the privilege to work at this school has changed her life and finally she feels like she working in a place that mirrors her personal philosophy and ethics regarding equity and human rights.

Vanessa has taught many different courses, both ATAR and General in Visual Art, Design, Photography, Media, ICT, Career and Enterprise and Certificate courses. Leadership roles include HOLA of the Arts, ICT coordinator, Aboriginal ITAS Coordinator and Tutor with additional experience as a WACE exam marker and teaching in the Gifted and Talented Visual Art program at Applecross Senior High School.

Whilst VET Coordinator, Vanessa’s student won the VET Beazley award in 2014; a great testament to the value of VET in schools. These programs create opportunities for our students to gain real hands-on training in their industry area of choice, making them more competitive for post school training, study, apprenticeships and employment.

Vanessa takes a strategic approach in all facets of her role at CJSC carefully ensuring alignment with the Business Plan. Her outstanding networking abilities and working relationships with key personnel in the Education and Vocational Training sectors, facilitate growth and enterprise at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.