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CJ students flock to K-pop lessons

Addressing a cross-curricular focus of Asian Literacy in a school is not always an easy task to achieve, particularly with the diversity of student backgrounds at Cyril Jackson SC. One thing that everyone has in common though is a love of contemporary music, a commodity found in abundance throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

A recent surge in popularity in America of a ‘boy band’ from South Korea by the name of “Bantang Boys” has spread the message of K-Pop (Korean Pop) to an audience much wider than its traditional market in Asia. With students from Australia, Africa and of course Asia showing an interest in this genre based on South Korean culture, it seemed only natural that a group of students from CJ would want to follow the moves of their favourite K-Pop artists on the dance floor for fun and for exercise. And so, the K-Pop Dance club was formed and the rest is CJ K-Pop history.

The group dances on Wednesdays and follows the moves of the likes of Hola Hola and Exo, Seventeen NCT127, Big Bang Girls Generation, Red Velvet Akdong Musician and Kard… to name just a few! There will be a performance at the end of next term and based on the dance routine in the above video from our dance teacher Leticia.

Written by James Pollard

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