We are not your traditional high school

The structure of a traditional high school is not suited to everybody, for a wide range of reasons. Our Campus has evolved through listening to these reasons and the needs of the students and the outcome is a vibrant, mature and unique culture, which celebrates diversity.

Everyone’s goals are different – it would be boring if they were all the same. For this reason, we offer a large range of courses and programs to help find you the most suitable pathway to completing Year 11 and 12. You will find a list of our pathways here and our courses here. The best option for you may be one that you didn’t know was on offer to you before.

Our university style environment, with no uniform, no bell and being on a first name basis with the teachers, breaks down the traditional high school structure to help us get straight to the point of helping you achieve your potential. Our unique approach to schooling means we don’t have bullying issues here on campus, something of which we are very proud. We credit this to our very proactive Student Services team which provides extensive support, and to the fact that all of our students are new and have the opportunity to start afresh.

If you have been home-schooled you may need to find a location to complete your ATAR courses or VET Certificates. Cyril Jackson is a great fit. Our relaxed environment and flexibility will be a learning approach you are probably already used to and it will help you transition from home-schooling into an educational environment preparing you for future study or employment.

For some students, school just hasn’t worked out how they had hoped and it can all seem too hard and out of reach. We have created solutions for this exact problem. Firstly, our extensive Student Services team sets us apart from other schools and enables us to offer a higher level of assistance to students.

 If you feel you might need a little more support with your education, our 11 P.L.U.S or WorkStart programs might be the perfect fit for you. 11 P.L.U.S is designed to help fill gaps in your education and develop Career, English or Math skills in a full-time environment within the same classroom, with the same teacher giving you that little bit more support to help you over the hurdles. WorkStart was developed to help you improve your basic literacy and numeracy skills. The program gives you real life skills and experiences helping you to bridge that gap between education and employment.

For some of our students they tell us they just simply didn’t like their school, whether it was a private or public school, it doesn’t matter, they just simply didn’t feel like they were being heard, reaching their potential or fitting in. Now, that’s the difference at Cyril Jackson.  Once you have found your course, you will find your place. In 2018, 96% of our surveyed students told us that the courses and pathways we have helped them set, have directly taken them to the job, training or further education that they wanted. We are very proud to have listened to them and helped them achieve their goals.