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Harmony Day at CJ, March 21!

Wow! What a fabulous day of fun, unity and embracing diversity. Students and staff had prepared the main areas of the campus with orange decorations; orange being the official Harmony Day colour which symbolises communication, freedom and respect. A myriad of activities helped us celebrate cultural diversity and belonging for everyone.

Many students and staff, dressed in orange, red, yellow, pink or purple, ran activities for everyone to enjoy.  Some of the activities were mindfulness through music and art, harmony heart making and foot print painting; lacrosse, table tennis and volleyball; Aussie food tasting and CJ music students delivered stunning performances.

A real winner was the Instagram photo frame where students posed in a huge frame, snapped photos of themselves and uploaded them to Instagram.

The day was a huge success in celebrating how our local students and students from over 50 countries harmoniously thrive on campus together. As we often say, ‘Every day is Harmony Day at CJ!’

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