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II P.L.U.S. and Aegis Aged Care Bassendean

Every Wednesday come rain or shine our 11 P.L.U.S. students pay a very special visit to the residents at Aegis Aged Care in Bassendean.

Occupational Therapist Kirrilly Haynes said “When the students said they wanted to come regularly, I thought that was the greatest thing I’d ever heard. They come once a week and it is just loved by our residents, we rarely have this many at a group engaged at one time, the students have been phenomenal.”

The initial apprehension and nervousness of the students has been overcome to create the unlikeliest of bonds. The activities change week to week, sometimes the team play games and have a bit of healthy fun competition and other times a quiet bit of arts and crafts with great conversation is all that is needed, for some residents just the company is the highlight of their week, and our students wouldn’t have it any other way.

11 P.L.U.S. teacher Liz Haythornthwaite said “The students just love this part of their week and we have seen an incredible change in all of them. When we had a transport issue and thought we might have to miss one week the students asked if they could walk there, they couldn’t bare the idea of missing their time with the residents. We are very proud of them all.”

We are delighted at the overwhelming success of this wonderful partnership and continued support of the local community, well done Liz, Anna, Gordon and the whole 11 P.L.U.S. class.

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